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May 8, 2010
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Ben is a 20 year old man. He is very tall and slim, he has short blond hair, and a scrawny body. Ben lives in a small town on a small island, the island is surrounded by many others, which all contain many secrets, but very few dare to go in there, and even less come back…sane. Ben has been a pokemon trainer since he was 15, when he caught a caterpie, which is now a butterfree. Since he started, he has beaten a few gyms, faced and beaten many rivals, and caught many pokemon. He is the best on the island, in his opinion.

Ben was good friends with all his pokemon, he treated them like family, but also worked them hard to be the best they could be. His pokemon didn't mind this, especially his butterfree. Ben had small pokemon like a Riachu, an Espeon, and a Houndoom, but he also had some very big pokemon like a Nidoking, Rhydon, and Blastoise. That was his main line up, but a lot of the time, he took out his Rhydon, and put in Butterfree. This lot he trained the hardest, so that soon he could go into the caves, and come out a hero.

Ben got up on a Saturday after a hard day of pokemon training, and went outside. He lived right near the edge of the island, he could see the caves he would soon search, and by soon, he meant tomorrow. Early this morning, he let out all his pokemon, not to train them, but to let them have a thorough rest. Ben didn't tell anyone about what he was going to do tomorrow, all would try and stop him. Today Ben would pack all he needs into a backpack, including many pokeballs, great balls, ultra balls, his pokegear, and many types of medicine for him and his pokemon.

Once Ben had that done, he set himself to rest as well, he would need all his energy for tomorrow. He had it all planned out, leave early in the morning to avoid everyone, sail on Blastoise to the first cave, explore, go to next cave, explore, then sail back with all his new pokemon. He had dreamed of this since before he got his Caterpie, and it was soon to happen. Ben put all his pokemon back into their balls, then went to bed early. He forced himself to sleep, knowing he was to wake up early.

Ben slowly crept out of bed at 3 O'clock in the morning, he quietly got everything ready to go, trying not to disturb anyone/anything. He lastly put on his belt where he held his pokeballs, then slowly walked outside into the dark. The pokemon he chose were the ones stated above, not the Rhydon though, instead he chose his Butterfree. Ben walked to the edge of the island, it was a small beach-like area, directly facing a cave about 5 miles in the distance. The water was calm, so Ben set out his Blastoise, and climbed atop him, "Now, towards the cave, and fast!" Bens Blastoise immediately swam at full speed towards the cave, with Ben standing on his shell, eyes fixed on the cave.

As they got closer, Ben's eyes looked up at the tip, he didn't realize how big it actually was, "There must be over a million pokemon in here!" he said. As they approached land again, Ben jumped of Blastoise, and swam the last little bit. He pulled himself onto the rocks and climbed up. Blastoise now was resting himself against the cave, so Ben pulled him back into the pokeball. Ben climbed up more, looking for an entrance to the cave, it was still dark, so he couldn't see well. He had climbed quite high before he found a small hole leading into the cave, so without hesitation, he went in.

Ben got out his Riachu, and made him use flash, this lit up the cave. The sight was extra-ordinary, he was high, down below was a clear bed of water, it was sparkling from the light. There were small pokemon in it, above the water were loads of different placed to go, what looked like many passageways. Ben admired the view for some time, before jumping down into the water below. His Riachu stayed at the top, and climbed around the side, not wanting to go into the water. As Ben emerged from the water, all the pokemon fled, so he swam to the nearest dry bit. As he climbed out, he met his Riachu, he had climbed all the way round. They then walked through gaps in the wall leading to other areas.

All through his exploration, Ben saw no strong pokemon, only weak ones that ran as soon as the saw him. "Why does no-one dare come here? It's full of the weak." Ben asked himself. He was walking around the cave, going everywhere possible, but nothing caught his interest, so he looked for a place to leave this one, and go to the next one. Ben came back the way he came from, and climbed back out. He let Blastoise out again, sat on him, then left around this cave, and headed another 10 or so miles to the next one. This cave had a big hole leading into it, so Ben went into it via that. There was quite a bit of light in here, as there was also a massive hole at the top of the cave. From what Ben saw, this cave was only water filled, with one part flat-land. There were no entrances/exits other then the hole Ben went through, and the hole at the top.

Ben swam on Blastoise up to the flat land, then moved to the middle of it. He left his Blastoise out in the water. Ben had a quick look around, he saw no pokemon, none at all. He walked up to the edge again, and peered deep into the water, it was clear, but he saw nothing other than his Blastoise. Ben walked to the wall of the cave, thinking about what to do next. There was a big splash in the background, and a small scream. Ben turned back quickly, but all he managed to see was the water rapidly moving and hitting the edge. He walked to the water again, and looked in to see what caused it, he saw nothing. "Blastoise? Come back up, we're gonna leave… Blastoise?" Blastoise was no longer in the water, not even down below, Ben knew there was no way he could have went down too far that fast.

"Blastoise, BLASTOISE!!!" Ben shouted into the water, but there was no response, no movement again. He got a bit worried, and threw all his pokemon out. All of them were rearing to fight, all roared as they came out. Bens Nidoking walked to the edge and took a drink from the water, all the others moved back. Suddenly the land vibrated rapidly, and Nidoking fell in the water with a big splash. The land was moving too much for Ben to move, but when it did, he ran to the edge, Nidoking was gone. He was nowhere to be seen. "What's going on?" Ben shouted. 2 of his pokemon have already disappeared into the water. Ben only had 4 pokemon left, and none could swim, and they were all quite small, strong, but small.

Ben felt rumbling again, he moved back to the wall with his pokemon following. He pressed himself against it as the rumbling got harder, he could see the water create waves, something was coming up, and fast. Ben's eyes were fixed on whatever was about to come out, he was hoping it was his Blastoise with his Nidoking, but it wasn't…

It came crashing out and flew up, the creature was white, with a blue underbelly. It had a long neck, it was stretched out as it was flying up, and its wings were very large. It had blue spikes on its back, and 2 spikes on its long tail. After the shock of the splash, Ben traced back in his mind to work out what pokemon it was, it was a pokemon of many legends, a Lugia. Ben was in awe for quite some time as the Lugia was flying above, if he could catch it, he would be the best trainer in the world, but that would be hard to do with the pokemon he has left, which were: Riachu, Espeon, Houndoom, and Butterfree. Ben would need to be smart if he was going to catch Lugia.

Ben opened his backpack and set it on the floor, it was full of pokeballs right to the brim. "Espeon, bring him here with your psychic attack!" Espeon jumped forward, his eyes glowed, and Lugia seemed to stumble in flight. Lugia started to descend, and stopped just atop the water, it was face to face with the Espeon. Lugia's eyes were also glowing, and it was reacting to all Espeon did. Ben took this chance, "Riachu, tunderwave now!" Riachu crouched down, and fired a line of electrical light towards Lugia. As soon as it hit Lugia, it squinted its eyes, it seemed to have no effect on it, other then snap it out from Espeon's grasp. They were still face to face, Lugia then opened its mouth, Espeon squeaked, then turned around, ready to run. Lugia threw its neck forward, and snapped its jaw shut around Espeon, then quickly swallowed. Ben was horrified, he stared as his Espeon was now a bulge going down the Lugia's neck. It then disappeared into its already bigger then meant to be stomach.

Ben then worked out what had happened to Blastoise and Nidoking, they were also eaten by Lugia. Lugia then jumped in the air, and started to circle around Ben and the 3 remaining pokemon. "Riachu, get as high as you can and use your thunder attack!!" Ben shouted. Riachu then continuously jump up the cave, and stopped about half way between Ben and Lugia. Riachu then jumped outwards, about to cast thunder, he crouched into a ball. Lugia spotted this, and dived straight down towards Riachu, and with its mouth open, cleanly went over Riachu and swallowed. Riachu went straight into the stomach, gravity forced that to happen. Houndoom knew he would lose, so he burrowed a tunnel, and ran threw it. Ben ran to the tunnel, but it was a bit too small for him. Lugia flew to a stop on the other side of the flat land, and slouched down.

The lugia looked at the Butterfree, still in the air, then looked at Ben. Lugia must've either seen them as no threat, or was full, as it just stayed resting against the wall. Ben had only 1 more option to try, "Butterfree, use your sleep powder on Lugia." Ben knew food made anything sleepy, so with the amount Lugia had, sleeping powder would surely work. Butterfree flew over the Lugia, and let out sparkly dust. As it fell over Lugia, it started to stir, then collapsed down, eyes closed. Ben couldn't believe that actually worked, the Lugia was now sleeping.

"After all that trouble, I WILL catch you!" Ben shouted as he picked his bag up and walked to the Lugia. He walked up to its belly, and put his ear to it. Ben could hear his pokemon inside it, then he got pushed back because inside it, the pokemon were trying to get out. Ben then lifted his bag high into the air, and tipped everything inside onto the Lugia. Every single ball hit Lugia and opened on it. Lugia then burst into red light, and zoomed into one of the balls, one of the ultra balls. As it fell to the floor, it started to wiggle from side to side for what felt like days, but it suddenly stopped moving. Ben left it a minute or so before he went up to the ball. "Oh…my…GOD!!!!" He screamed, he had caught it.

Ben picked up the ball, thinking about what to do, whether it would be safe or not. He then threw the ball into the air, and the red light came rushing out. It went to the ground, and Lugia appeared again, still sleeping. Ben picked up his pokegear, and turned on the radio to the poke flute. He set that as his main channel ages ago. As it played, the Lugia woke up slowly. It roared into the air. Ben moved back, Lugia stayed still, staring at Ben, then flared its wings. Ben just stared back for a while, fear in his eyes, but Lugia done nothing. Ben finally got courage, "I caught you, you are now mine…" he said, Lugia bobbed its head, "You have to do as I say, now let my pokemon out!"

Lugia bent its head down to the ground, and started to tense, it gaped its mouth open, and forced everything up. Lugia's belly got smaller as there were bulges appearing on its neck, heading up. Lugia then opened its mouth as wide as physically possible, and a saliva drenched Blastoise came out, and fell on the floor. All the others soon followed. Lugia still had a very big belly. All Ben's pokemon were staring back up at Lugia, all on top of each other, with saliva dripping off them. Ben opened his pokeballs and let all his pokemon back in, excluding Blastoise and Lugia. He made Butterfree fly back, so that Lugia wouldn't be transferred to the computer, he wanted Lugia to stay with him, his best ever catch. Blastoise was panting like hell, he tried to get up, but fell back down. Ben then put him back in his pokeball. "Great, now how am I meant to get back?"

Lugia, Ben's Lugia, walked slowly up to him, and threw its head down. "Fly? That'll work, but I don't like heights…" Ben said, with fear still in his voice. Ben walked away from Lugia, and looked into the water. He jumped in and started to swim out of the cave, Lugia flew above. Ben had exited the cave by swimming, but his arms stung from it, swimming back wouldn't work if he was tired already. He started to tread water for a while, trying to get his energy back. Lugia dived into the water, and swam deep down. Ben, looking around, didn't know what to do, he turned so his head was in the water, looking down. He didn't see anything, so he came back up. Ben felt the water move again, he turned again to see what was underneath, and all he saw was darkness. He felt the water push against him, and push him up. The water threw him off, he couldn't see a thing, all was blurred. The water dispersed around him, and he landed on something cushiony. Now that he had stopped, he figured out where he was, in the mouth of Lugia.

"DON'T YOU DARE EAT ME!" Ben shouted, he was being pushed about in the mouth. Lugia's tongue was flailing about, every so often hitting Ben in the face, the smell of the saliva was strong. Ben rolled backwards towards the throat, he screamed as he was going back. Ben then felt something around his ankle, which stopped him from going into the throat. It then pulled him back to the front of the mouth. Ben looked and saw it was Lugia's tongue. Ben tried to rip it off his ankle, but it had a tight grip, and his hands slipped on it when trying to grab it. "So you're not going to eat me…" Ben said to himself.

Ben sat up, it was dark, and he still had Lugia's tongue wrapped around his ankle, stopping him from being swallowed. Ben moved slowly over the squishy tongue to the jaw of Lugia, and put his hands of its gums. Lugia then opened its mouth, Ben saw that they were really high, and heading for Bens Home Island. He quickly pulled himself back into the mouth, remembering his fear of heights. "I really don't feel safe, fly low and let me out!" Lugia's tongue loosened around Bens legs, and suddenly he felt a direction change, and fell down towards the throat. He then felt movement underneath him, and heard rumbling. The throat hole opened up and Ben started to fall in. All light there was, was suddenly fading, the throat muscles pulsating, pushing Ben down further and further. The throat walls felt like wet rubber as he was sliding down. Ben was being squeezed down, he felt air on his feet, then dropped into the stomach.

The stench was overbearing, Ben had to cover his nose. The stomach was just as squishy and slippery as the tongue, but it was also quite large, he was able to move quite a bit. "WHAT THE…" Ben shouted, "How is this better?" There was no acid in the stomach, just puddles of saliva. Ben pushed against the wall of the stomach, but slipped, and his face hit against it. As he got up, he wiped his eyes clean, whatever he was now covered in had a horrible smell, and was quite sticky. Ben just sat against the wall, waiting for the inevitable.

10 minutes past, and still there was no activity in Lugia's stomach, nothing had entered, nothing left. Ben then felt the stomach walls compress, he was being pushed up. He had entered the throat again, once again, the muscles were pushing up this time. Ben saw light, he could see out of Lugia's mouth. As the throat released Ben, he fell straight out of Lugia's mouth, and into water. As he came out of the water, he saw he was back on his island. He swam to the beach, and climbed out onto land. It felt weird, the floor was hard and cold. He looked back and saw Lugia with a small smile. "That's a new method…" he said, opening Lugia's pokeball, pulling it back into the ball. "I now own a Lugia, but one that eats… A LOT!" Ben rushed home, "I really need a shower now…"
another pokemon vore story, i tried to make it different to other ones i've seen...

i got bored one day and asked for suggestions, this is one from :iconrandom-number5:

good vore is near the end.
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Good job!
Excelent story!
Im like reading vore stories...
I guessed that or you'd never have read one with the word vore in it, unless you didn't know what it meant.
True but i know what vore is XD
Great story. I like lugia so much *.*
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