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Well as I don't do art for an art comparison, I wanted to see how much my chars have developed since I originally made them. My two main chars anyway; Dracour and Ruby. Dracour was my first and Ruby my second not too long after. 

(all details taken from bio's which are now way outdated)

Old Dracour: 

Height: 7 ft
Length: 10 ft
Tail Length: 4 ft

Well built and slim and smooth streamlined body, wingless, arrowhead tail.
Dark green on top, fading to light green on the bottom. 
Arrogant and doesn't realise his jokes can go too far until too late. Good at fighting but an extremely fast runner. Low attention span and gets bored easily, and loves to mess around.

Was only into vore; oral/tail/pouch. (at that point didn't know all other vore types or the other likes I have like TF and such)
Prey character ONLY, refused to be a pred (but if had to then only willing prey)
Willing prey (ish, this didn't last long)
Only really liked feral preds like other dragons

New Dracour:

Height: 10 ft
Length: 20 ft or so
Tail Length: 12 ft or so 
(all not really determined as changes with arts)

Rest of appearance still the same, still arrogant but even more so than before. Still fast runner, not as much a fighter any more but still can hold his own against some bigger creatures. Still low attention span and still messes around, though now likes to prank a lot more.

Likes more types of vore/latex/transformation/teasings/squashings/some more (all non-sexual)
Mainly prey char but is now a big pred char too (half forced by others claiming "Oh but you're a dragon so you can at least try to eat me). Acts mostly as a pred though.
Unwilling prey. Very quickly found being willing prey to be boring, found unwilling a lot more fun. So while he still likes being nommed up and such, he'll pretend he doesn't. Best way to act an unwilling pred is to be an overly dommy pred (why he acts preddy).
Pretty much any creature can be pred and prey, just less so on human preds.
Will pretty much try to nom everything and anything to make sure he is seen as ultimate pred, but only so that he seems like unwilling prey.

So pretty much with Dracour, he got a little bigger, changed from prey only to prey mainly, biggest change is that he was willing and now unwilling, so has had some development over time.

Old Ruby:

Height: 14 ft
Length: 20 ft
Tail length: 7 ft
Wingspan: 30 ft

Bright pink colour all over. Very thick fur, thick, but delicate. Feathered wings, claws on end.
Smooth body, no spikes or even horns. Tail is also smooth, nothing at end.
Stomach is quite fat, so can eat quite a bit. No fangs, but very sharp teeth.

Big nomming dragon, can fight but only really by charging with large size and pinning. Slightly okay with some weapons.
Main power was able to sense the emotions of creatures around her.
Very childish, procrastinator, 

Only into vore.
Pred only.
Can be teasy and playful like others belong to her.
Anyone could be food but always safe vore.

(Back then, I created Ruby because I wanted to show others what I wanted from other people as a pred. Very selfish of me I know, but then I liked the char as a char so kept her fortunately)

New Ruby:

Height: 40-60 ft (depending on what's being done)
Length: 50-70 ft
Tail length: 30 ft
Wingspan: 100 ft
(all estimates anyway)

Bright pink colour, not furred any more but scaled, still has feather wings though. Rest of appearance still the same, but fatter... much chubbier.

Still a big nomming dragoness, very playful. Hugs and licks and squishes all the time with her. Doesn't fight AT ALL!
Can still sense emotions of others but is rarely if ever used now. Thinks of others as friends, but also hers to play with and treat as her own belongings or hatchlings for fun. Just a playful large dragoness.

Pred and prey char but thanks to size often pred only.
Vores, squishes, dressing others up in silly ways. Loves to nom others, loves to sit on and smush others under her belly, butt, paws or tail. Loves to hug others tight into large pudge belly so they sink, loves to dress others as plushies or in silly costumes to tease them.
Only safe vore but anything she sees is potential for noms, willing or not.

So with Ruby, she's got a hell of a lot bigger! Less powers, not furred any more, and plays around a lot more as well in very silly ways. Still what I consider a good pred towards Dracour, but now not used for that reason but instead because I find it fun.
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