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As title says, I'm just so damn bored I'm writing this journal to pass time and so that my mind is at least active in thinking about what to write and what to not write. At this point it seems to be working as I've not shouted "I'm so booored!!" out loud yet while writing this.

I don't quite get depressed when bored, closer to angry than depressed, and when I get bored I get into the so-damn-bored-nothing-is-fun mode where even if people suggest entertaining things I'd be too bored to try it. For example, I have pretty much every games console from the ZX Spectrum to the Wii U, a gaming computer, and more importantly I have super smash bros Wii U... but when in this bored state then all of those seem exceedingly boring (and it's not like I've not tried them anyway, I tried and got too bored to continue after one fight and it wasn't fun, just more boring). So games didn't work, I tried a workout for my martial arts... few minutes into it I got so bored I felt like flopping on the ground and perhaps dropping the weights on my feet so at least I'd feel something other than boredom.

I tried speaking to people on Skype. Out of the 14 who were online, only 4 were actually online (others are people who appear as online/away even when asleep or not on, which by the way I hate almost as much as being bored for reasons stated in another journal). I tried speaking to them all; 1 spoke back for a bit but then randomly stopped 10 minutes later because he wanted to game, 1 spoke as well but also stopped after a little bit because they had to go, the other 2 said a few words and then got no reply again to whatever I sent. So no help there. Before people say it, I know people have lives outside Skype/online and I am actually glad about that, it means there's less like me who end up doing nothing. It's mainly those who appear online but are actually nowhere near a computer or have no possible way to chat but remain as online anyway.

I tried F-List, biggest mistake there. All you find there is sex or people who do nothing but ignore you unless you're female, gay, want sex or famous. Even in rooms specific for vore or specific for other subjects, all you will find is sex. Every so often there's someone decent, but that's a rarity. Bored.

I then tried DA chats and (may offend) although it was nowhere near as bad as F-List, people only spoke to the host, to others they knew or would only speak if you done the exact thing they wanted without any consideration to what I would like to do or talk about. I admit I didn't give DA rooms much chance, I've tried them before and it was the same result every time (same as in F-List too) so as soon as I saw it was following that path I signed off. Again, bored.

TV, nothing entertaining is on. Movies/shows, seen all the ones I own and I'm so bored I wouldn't be able to give it enough concentration for it to be enjoyable. Music, I listened to some but again got so bored even through my favourite songs I had to stop. Possibility to go out with friends, normally would but not when I have work the next day and so do my friends who live close enough to visit on a whim. Do something productive, haha don't make me laugh I get bored even thinking about what I could do.

Wow this far down, I didn't think I could write that much but I didn't think anyone would read this far either, so if you did, you win an internet cookie. Well this is the end of this, now to find something else to do. I don't expect any comments to this.
  • Mood: Stumped

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